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Volunteers needed for ‘Talk to a Lawyer Today’ Jan. 21

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What if you could spend 15 minutes on the phone and completely resolve a potential client’s legal issue, even if the legal issue was outside your normal area of practice? Sound impossible? It can happen. It has happened. You can make it happen again in 2013.

On Monday, Jan. 21, the Indiana State Bar Association will offer its annual “Talk to a Lawyer Today” program. In memory of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., approximately 200 members of the ISBA will offer brief, free legal consultations to members of the public on Dr. King’s celebrated birthday.

Over the past several years, more than 2,000 Indiana attorneys have participated in this program by volunteering their time and legal expertise to answer legal questions from the public. We are now seeking additional volunteers for the 2013 event. Each attorney who volunteers will work at least a two-hour time slot, usually between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m., as coordinated by the local pro bono plan administrator typically in the attorney’s home county. These consultations may be by telephone or during face-to-face interviews at many different locations across the state. In exchange for donating their time, volunteer attorneys receive a free manual with a “primer” on Indiana law, generously donated by the Indianapolis Bar Association.

In addition to the manual, many volunteers may choose to attend a low-cost video replay of the prep seminar: “Amazingly Interesting CLE for Attorneys with a Heart,” the topics of which were designed to assist volunteer attorneys in answering the types of questions generally posed by the public, such as Indiana's new emancipation statute, Social Security disability law, divorce basics, guardianship and third-party custody, new laws on sealing criminal records and ways to avoid the Disciplinary Commission.

The final video replays of the prep CLE seminar will be held in the following location:

District A: Jan. 11 at Valparaiso University

The “Talk to a Lawyer Today” event offers many attorneys the opportunity to participate in pro bono who could not otherwise provide such assistance, such as deputy attorney generals, deputy prosecutors, public defenders, etc. This event also creates an opportunity for Indiana attorneys to assist the ISBA in improving the image of lawyers in the state.

For additional details on volunteering or the video replay, please consult the sign-up form (above) for contact information.

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