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Nominations sought for Hurst Award by Aug. 11

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The Indiana State Bar Association’s Federal Judiciary Committee is currently seeking nominations from federal judges, the public, attorneys practicing in Indiana’s federal courts, and a candidate’s peers for the Henry Hurst Judicial Assistance Award. The Hurst Award is named in memory of Henry Hurst, the first federal clerk of the district court of Indiana, who was sworn in on May 5, 1817, and served the entire state until 1835. Henry Hurst exemplified the importance of having highly skilled personnel assisting the federal judiciary in order to promote justice and efficiency of the courts.

This year the Hurst Award is to be presented to a member of the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of Indiana. Nominees shall be from the Northern District of Indiana and serve as a member of the district court clerk’s office or the district bankruptcy court clerk’s office, as a staff member to a district court judge or a district bankruptcy court judge, or as a member of the administrative personnel.

Nominations are to be sent to Lyle Hardman at lhardman@hsk-law.com and are to be received by Aug. 11. Please identify the nominee’s job title and provide a description of the candidate’s qualifications for the award. •

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