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WordRake: editing for clarity & brevity

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WordRake editing software instantly edits your writing to make it clear and concise. A Microsoft Word add-in, it will edit 10 pages in 30 seconds and offer an average of 100 suggestions inline – no explanations, no instructions, no “grades,” just pure editing – like a human editor, only faster. About 90-95 percent of WordRake edits are accurate, and you accept the ones you like to create a clearer, more concise document. There is nothing else like WordRake on the market.

More than 3,000 law firms (including firms in the Am Law 100), companies, universities and government agencies now incorporate WordRake into their writing process. With WordRake, you have an editor every hour of every day to help you establish writing excellence as a defining value of your firm.

Visit WordRake’s website, www.wordrake.com, to learn more or buy. Indiana State Bar Association members receive a 10 percent discount at checkout when they use the coupon code: INDIANABAR

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